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Welcome to Virgin CBD Oil Products. Where you will find the very best CBD products on the market.

Virgin CBD & hemp oil products is the UK's leading CBD brand and the only CBD specialist to offer a comprehensive range of the finest and purest CBD oil products on the market.

Virgin CBD product's are of the highest quality and we ensure every CBD product is checked to ensure they meet the highest level of standards.

We take the health of our virgin CBD oil products family very seriously, and we ensure that all of our products are organic and natural. We do not use any preservatives, flavours, chemicals or alcohol in any of our CBD & hemp oil products.

We will be constantly upgrading and introducing new and innovative CBD products with your health and budget in mind.

We work with the top CBD specialists to bring you the highest quality product's that you deserve.


Inhibits cancer cell growth


Promotes bone growth

Reduces seizures & convulsions

Reduces blood sugar levels

Reduces inflammation

Reduces risk of artery blockage

Reduces small intestine contractions

Reduces vomiting & nausea

Relieves pain & anxiety

Slows bacterial growth

Suppresses muscle spasms

Treats psoriasis



To inspire people to stay healthy with our number one product range.

Our mission is to allow people to discover CBD by developing and producing only the finest and purest quality CBD food supplements while never compromising on quality.


To deliver products that are natural and organic.

To inspire people to stay healthy with our number one product range, we want to create a brand that you can trust. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to quality are encompassed through our core brand principles.

CBD is thought to help ease the suffering of a variety of physical and mental aliments. Helping relieve acne, arthritis, depression and more. But don't just take our word for it. A great deal of research on CBD oil has already been carried out and is freely available to view online.

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